Classic BDSM Cane

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Classic BDSM Cane

The solid bdsm cane is a simple and extremely effective tool for spanking, punishment, role play, and overall fun.

We're excited to offer this classic bdsm staple in: Oak, Walnut, Bamboo, and even Aluminum - allowing you to find the perfect match you need and the aesthetic you desire for your next scene.

No matter which variety you choose, your classic spanking cane guarantees to leave plenty of welts for immediate and post admiration.

A superb tool with an easy learning curve, providing great flexibility in use for novices, experts, and professional alike.

Each classic spanking cane will arrive with a hand wrapped hemp grip providing even more finesse to every impact.

Length: 30" (tip to tip)

  • 1/4" = Stingy (Aluminum only)
  • 3/8"= Very Stingy, very little thud.
  • 1/2" = Stingy with some thud - (most popular)
  • 5/8" = Medium Sting/Medium Thud
  • 3/4" = Thuddy
  • 7/8" = Quite Thuddy (wood only)
  • 1" = Super Thuddy. (wood only)

Variety of Material:

• Bamboo:
The traditional choice presents a very flexible lightweight stinger. Do not under estimate its ability to light fire wherever placed, with a variety of natural knuckles, twists, and segmented variations along its shaft. For those looking for a quick snap with a flick of the wrist.

• Oak:
A wonderful upgrade to bamboo. Those looking for a bit more in the ways of rigidity, balance, look, and feel, will find a new favorite in a solid oak cane. With a more open grain and lighter natural color, the oak cane takes stains and finishes very nicely, allowing for a wide variety of tones to choose from.

• Walnut:
Similar to oak in strength and flex, Walnut has a tighter and smoother grain adding a sleek and elegant look. Naturally dark in tone, we complete each walnut cane with a food safe oil/wax finish to enhance the natural beauty of this elegant favorite.

• Aluminum:
For those experienced in the art of impact, Aluminum offers a maximum thud-to-diameter ratio, as well as remaining lighter and more easily wielded than its steel counterparts. Far less flexible than wood options, this variety offers a completely different experience and is highly recommended for those who live and love on the more thuddy side. Brought to a smooth matte finish, contrasted with the hand wrapped hemp grip, this modern take on the cane is a popular choice by our experienced and adventurous customers.

FINISH Available for OAK Canes only:
  • Natural
  • Carrington
  • Ebony
  • Espresso
  • Red Oak
  • Walnut

Handmade BDSM Bondage Restraints, Paddles, Leather, and more from Richmond, Virginia.

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