Classic Floral Paddle

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Classic Floral Paddle

Treat your bottom to a glorious display of intricate floral patterns. 

Handcrafted, shaped smooth, and precision engraved - this truly unique spanking paddle is a beauty who guarantees to ignite all of your senses. 

▸ Explore an incredibly versatile paddle, add something unique to your next bdsm scene.

• Achieve floral bruises and even blood patterning for those with a heavier hand. 

• With a lighter touch, reveal a floral reddness that will be gone by morning. 

• Flip it over and change it up with the perfectly flat blank backside. 

• Get inventive! Use the smooth edge for an extremely thuddy application. 


▸ Select from a wide variety of hardwoods to match your function, weight, and aesthetic.


▸ Add Custom Engraving


MEASUREMENTS : Length: 12.5" Width: 5.5" Thick: >0.7"



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