Sesame Paddle

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Sesame Paddle

Inspired by the traditional art of Japanese Shoji screen design, our Sesame Paddle is guaranteed to leave its mark with its handcrafted and deeply engraved multilayered geometric pattern.

The precision engraving gives you an unique transfer of the Sesame pattern to the skin. With a lighter touch, you can reveal a geometric redness that will be gone in moments. The more oomph you give, the more the pattern will pucker and stipple the flesh. Achieve patterned bruises and even blood patterning for those with a heavier hand.

A delightfully refreshing choice for anyone looking to bring unique impact to their next scene.

Choose from a variety of domestic and exotic wood types and fine tune your new paddle's look and weight to any aesthetic.

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MEASURES:  Length: 14" Width: 5.5" Thick: ~0.75"+


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