Geometric Paddle


This birch wooden paddle was hand crafted, shaped, and engraved with a unique geometric speed hole and cutout pattern. Excellent for pattern marking.

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MEASUREMENTS: Length: 13" x Width: 4"


  • ~0.4" (THIN) (~10oz)
  • ~0.65" (MED) (~15oz)
  • ~0.82" (THICK) (~18oz)


  • Natural
  • Walnut
  • Espresso
  • Ebony
  • Red Oak
  • Carrington


THIN:-- Select the thinner option for lighter impact on the stinging side without much of the bruising associated with the thicker paddle. Two layered double sided paddle.

MED:-- Select this option for a more solid foundation with less flex, a little more thud with lots of sting. Recommended for those looking for harder impact with still a lighter density paddle.

THICK:-- Select this option for heavier impact and thuddier contact allowing for more mass and bruising. Recommended for those looking for a better balance of thud and sting. Due to the flat surface, this is still a sting based paddles that will create patterning in the marks, bruises. This option is for those looking for a significant swing and power of impact.

Handmade BDSM Bondage Restraints, Paddles, Leather, and more from Richmond, Virginia.

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