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Moon Phase Earrings (Handmade from Mahogany) | Moon Cycle Earrings, Lunar Cycle Earrings, Wooden Moon Earrings, Moon Dangle Earrings

::: MOON CYCLE DANGLE EARRINGS ::: Handmade from mahogany in my shop. This set features an engraved lunar cycle with the highlights cut out. Hand wrapped 20ga hanger/wire of your choice of copper or silver plated.-----******** -----Earrings measure: 2" long x 0.5" wide x 0.125" thick*Due to the nature of how these are made, and the wood used, each one will be slightly varied from the next, as can be see in the listing images. ** You may notice that these are also for sale on my other etsy store: Arkain Studios (which is a more general store with more varied items)