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Pentacle/Pentagram Earrings

:::: PENTACLE / PENTAGRAM EARRINGS or PENDANT ::::: Handmade, engraved, and painted from birch in my shop, this set features a classic image of a pentacle. Pentagram mounting is also available! --: DETAILS :--EARRINGS: (receive 1 pair = 2 earrings) : Select from a hand wrapped 20ga hanger/wire of either copper or silver plated.PENDANT: (1 pendant): A single carved pendant with silver or copper mounting hardware. ---- : PENTACLE or PENTAGRAM? :------Please select how you would like the pentacle to be mounted: UPRIGHT: Wicca, Pagan, Neo-pagan, Christianity, Celts, magicians, ancient Israelites INVERTED: Satanism, and various inverted meanings of the above. (O.E.S. also use the inverted pentacle, however was usually connected with lines, I will be making a separate listing for this order., however this pentacle would be a simpler version of that used by the O.E.S.) -----: MEASUREMENTS :-----Each carving measures: 1.5" in diameter and 0.20" in thickness.*Due to the nature of how these are made, and the materials used, each one will be slightly varied from the next, as can be see in the listing images.