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Star Paddle


This wooden paddle was hand crafted, shaped, and engraved with a unique seven sided star speed hole pattern and geometric engraving on both sides. This is an excellent starter paddle for those looking for something a little smaller, lighter duty, or for those looking to round out a collection with some snappier, yet still rigid implements.

Although not quite as large or thick as some other paddles we sell, it's still extremely effective for pattern marking during impact play, spanking, and BDSM activities. Leaves star welts and imprints for patterning.

Add Personalized Engraving: https://lvxsupply.com/collections/accessories/products/add-personalized-engraving-to-your-order

MEASUREMENTS: Length: 12.5" x Width: 2"


  • ~0.4" (THIN)
  • ~0.65" (MED)
  • ~0.82" (THICK)


  • Natural
  • Walnut
  • Espresso
  • Ebony
  • Red Oak
  • Carrington


THIN:-- Select the thinner option for lighter impact on the stinging side without much of the bruising associated with the thicker paddle. Two layered double sided paddle.

MED:-- Select this option for a more solid foundation with less flex, a little more thud with lots of sting. Recommended for those looking for harder impact with still a lighter density paddle.

THICK:-- Select this option for heavier impact and thuddier contact allowing for more mass and bruising. Recommended for those looking for a better balance of thud and sting. Due to the flat surface, this is still a sting based paddles that will create patterning in the marks, bruises. This option is for those looking for a significant swing and power of impact.

Handmade BDSM Bondage Restraints, Paddles, Leather, and more from Richmond, Virginia.

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