Classic Stocks

Our wooden cuffs are wonderful for holding your partner comfortably immobilized and incapable of escape. Handmade to order from a solid wood, shutting quickly and tightly using the included rope, their classic and natural look and feel offer you and your partner an interesting, intimate, and wonderful sensory bondage experience.

The edges of the stocks are rounded and sanded smooth allowing for maximum comfort during longer sessions. Don't forget that you can use these to bind wrists or ankles. Just make sure your sizes are accurate.

The 1/2" holes are great for binding the stocks with 1/4" (6mm) rope. The same rope can then be tied to other objects, tools, structures, limbs, etc. *These stocks are not designed for suspension

Each pair is made to order, custom fitted for you. If you have any questions at all, send me a message and I'll be delighted to assist you. Custom orders and variations are also a ton of fun for us to make. If you're looking for something similar but different, just give us a shout!




  • Height = vertical measurment of opening
  • Width = horizontal measurement of opening

If you'd like the body part oriented in a different manner arrange the measurement accordingly. Please see the size diagram for suggested orientations.



(1) Handmade custom sized stock

(2) 10' x 1/4" lengths rope.

(3) Alignment pins to help keep the stock aligned during tying, and from shifting side to side while stocked. Larger sizes may have additional alignment pins


* All wooden items are protected with an all natural food safe butcher block oil.