Vegan Bondage Materials Info

In our quest to source the best vegan alternative to leather, we believe that we have found the perfect solution for your next BDSM/bondage scene.

We are over-joyed to present our Padded Vegan line of bondage pieces. Designed and handmade with the same diligent attention to detail, comfort, and luxury as our finest leather goods. 


Our superior vegan pieces are made from a pvc coated nylon webbing manufactured in Ohio, USA. 

  • Much stronger than leather
  • Same thickness as our 8-9oz leather outer
  • Completely waterproof (the padding portion is not)
  • Easy to clean (just wipe down after use)
  • Incredibly durable
  • Resistant to scratching and marring. 

We work it with traditional leather tools. The feel and support is just like leather.

This is unlike any other vegan option on the market, and we are very excited to offer this line.


Finding a great substitute is not enough, we go that extra mile an make sure that we offer the same phenomenal comfort as our padded leather pieces.

  • Padded with premium woven cotton that wont lose shape.
  • Lined with the best vinyl based garment faux leather on the market
  • Permanently sewn together with thick stitching
  • Beautiful solid cast hardware made in the USA. 

▌FUNCTIONAL for ALL Levels of Play
Not only beautiful and comfortable, our vegan goods are designed and made to function first and will withstand even the most demanding play, serving along side you for a lifetime when treated with respect.

▌ 100% HANDMADE (by us!) from start to finish: 
From first cut, hand working, all the way to the final polish, we take the utmost pride in our work. Using modern and traditional techniques along with the highest quality materials and hardware we can find, you're a part of creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

Although more expensive than leather, we have decided to offer all of our vegan items at the same price as the leather items. We very much support our vegan customers and want them to have the same access to our luxurious designs. 

▌ SUPPORT &  Structure
Using our wonderful faux leather gives immense support and strength to the pieces. It's nothing like the sad variety of flimsy excuses for substitutes found around the world. 

It's just as thick as leather, and much stronger. The inner nylon webbing is made to withstand upwards of a thousand pounds, and is used very often and successfully in the equestrian industry.