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Light soft wood that is easy to handle. A great entry into impact, allowing for more a enthusiastic swing with less overall impact when compared to harder woods. Strong enough to handle even heavy duty swings.

Heavier hard wood. Nearly twice the density of pine, this option provides a heavier overall paddle with more thud. Recommended for more experienced users and those looking for a higher level of impact and weightier balance.

A fantastic North American domestic hardwood that falls in the medium density range, like oak. This hardwood has been an American favorite since before the US was founded. Coveted for it’s chocolaty brown tones and wonderful weight, Walnut works very well for a strong & stingy 
paddle with a little extra oomph.

A wonderful African medium to high density hardwood offering a fantastic balance between thud and sting. The bright red/orange color naturally ages into a beautifully rich reddish brown over the years. More weighty than oak and walnut, this is a great paddle for those looking for a solid and colorful mix of thud and sting.

This very popular hardwood has a great weight for impact toys and the purple color attracts many. The bright purple color naturally ages into a rich purple brown over the years.

This African beauty features a mixture of straight and interlocking grain, producing wonderful chatoyancy (a natural refracting of light) when finished. This wood has been a popular wood for everything from fine furniture to boat building around the world. As a paddle, it provides a wonderfully balanced weight in the hand, and plenty of impact on the receiving end. 

This superbly dense Mexican Ebony is perfect for those looking for serious weight and thud from an all wooden paddle. The wonderful variation in heart and sapwoods makes for a unique and extremely beautiful pieces. This paddle is weighty, similar to our steel paddles! And it has all of the thud to back it up. There is a TON of variation in the grain and tonal patterns of this wood. Front and back colorings are nearly always beautifully different. 

All of the above woods are acceptable for all levels of impact play. They are strong and suitable for many variations of use. The different species of wood offer not only visual interest but functional/feel as well. If you have any questions, just send me a message!



  • Natural
  • Walnut
  • Espresso
  • Ebony
  • Red Oak
  • Carrington

* All pine and oak items are protected with an all natural food safe butcher block oil.  All other wood options are sealed with all natural wax and buffed to a satin sheen.