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Intense Rubber Flogger [Vegan]

There is an amazing amount of variety when it comes to floggers. From snappy to cracky, smacky to thuddy, those that tear and cut, and those that give a soft warm up.

Our rubber cord flogger shown here lives on the intense, snappy, poppy, cracky, ouchy, leaving welts end of the spectrum. For the lack of better descriptors, this flogger allows for great versatility in an experienced hand.

Made with (16) falls of high strength solid neoprene rubber cord. The falls are staggered in length to allow for more snap on each impact, some falls wrapping more around the surface than others, popping into place. 

Hand carved handle from your choice of hardwood for a wonderful balance and grip brings your personal aesthetic with every strike.

Fall Length = ~12" from handle
Handle Length = ~5.5"