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Loop Whip Beater


This BDSM Loop Whip / Rug Beater Paddle is made with high tensile strength ptfe (aka: teflon) and features a one-of-a-kind hand turned wooden handle of your choosing.

This is no entry level tool. It is made specifically to leave welts and break skin in a concentrated impact. Due to the flexible nature of the whip the patterning is unique with every strike.



Loop Length: ~24" (~10-14" from handle base to apex of loop)

Handle Length: ~7"

Handle Diameter = 1.5" (thicker at whip/handle junction for 3/8" thickness)

* Due to the nature of how the handles are made, each one will be completely unique in design, however the general aesthetic and dimensions will be uniform. As with all wood products, grain patterns and color variations are always present and to be expected. -----


Loop Material Thickness:

1/4": More sting, more flex, thinner marking lines, more recoil.

3/8": More impact, less flex, thicker marking lines, less recoil.

The loop material, although flexible, it is very strong, rated at 4000lbs of pulling force.


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