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Ultra Thuddy Whip Baton [Vegan]

Experience the ultimate thuddy intensity with this uniquely flexible rubber impact piece. Not quite a cane, paddle, or whip; it offers a flexible thud that can wrap and mold to the body curves creating destruction with deep bruising.

Made from high strength SOLID neoprene rubber that will pound bruises into the toughest bottom. As always, our ergonomic handle is hand carved from your choice of hardwood for a wonderful balance, grip, and your personal aesthetic on every strike.

Because of the stiff but flexible nature of the solid rubber, it will have 2 distinct sides for contact- with the bend and against. A quick tool to learn offering (3) diameters to meet your impact needs.

*This is NOT a beginner tool, expert use only! Users assume all risk!

Add Custom Engraving to your Handle

■ Made just for you!
Built for all levels of BDSM impact play. Designed for everyone in need of a spanking, from the curious novice, DDlg Little, to the hardcore dungeon slave and the Masterful Femdom, our premium toys are built to enhance your play for a lifetime.

■ Premium Quality Materials - Always.
• Premium Neoprene Rubber makes up the baton.
• Choose from our wide variety of premium exotic and domestic hardwoods, and we'll meticulously carve your new flogger handle from the raw wood.

■ 100% Handcrafted by LVX Supply
As with all of our products, these wonderful paddles are made entirely by us from raw materials in Richmond, VA, USA. As always, we make each piece to order, using modern and traditional wood working techniques- providing you with a premium elegance and optimal function for your next spanking scene.

■ 100% Vegan!



• Total Length = ~18"
• Handle Length = ~5.5"

Solid Vegan Rubber Baton available in 3 Levels of Thud 
1" - ULTRA THUD - not for the faint of heart or body. This will cause gloriously deep and colorful bruises in the most resilient bottom. The rubber is less flexible, but still offers a good amount of wrap.

3/4" Thuddy - a great standard size for a solid thud with more flex than the 1", allow it to be more easily handled.

1/2" Balanced - a great size for when you want more sting and wrap to accompany the thud.